A u d i o  M e m o s

Audio Memos is a voice recorder for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface. Yet with many features as pause record, pause play, slider, quality control, volume meter, volume boost, volume normalizing, voice activated recording and more.

Audio Memos is recognized as one of the best recording apps. "The Best Voice Recording App for iPhone" said Life Hacker. "Audio Memos is just loaded with tons of amazing features that are implemented in an easy and natural way... a great full featured audio recorder" said AppAdvice. Its amazingly intuitive interface has led Audio Memos Free to be featured in "Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies".

Audio Memos Free
Audio Memos Pro
Audio Memos
Price Free $9.99 $.99
Send by email 3 MB 15 MB 15 MB
USB file transfers Yes Yes
Multitasking Yes Yes
Multiple selection Yes $.99
Position markers Yes $.99
Voice and timer activation Yes $.99
Send and receive Yes $1.99
Adjustable speed Yes $.99
Compress recordings Yes $1.99
Insert audio Yes $4.99
Pictures Yes $.99
Alerts Yes $.99
Trim recordings Yes $.99
All extensions $9.99

Your recordings are stored on your device but can be backed up to your computer using iTunes or using a simple web browser. The download procedure is no more complicated than clicking here (no registration required).

Click on an icon to access the corresponding application's page on the App Store.

You can connect to your device to download files.

Detailed features:
  • Advanced listing of your recordings, which displays name, date, length and size information. A detailed view is also available for each recording. This view gives extra information such as quality and download status of a recording.
  • High quality recordings up to 44100 Hz. Three levels of quality are available: 11025 Hz, 22050 Hz and 44100 Hz.
  • Professionally engineered audio normalizing filter, which enables you to have a constant average volume on all your recordings. This feature does not modify your recordings, so you can turn it on even if you intend to post process your audio files on a computer.
  • Wide range volume control using a volume boost. While listening to a recording, volume can be increased using your iPhone's volume keys. If you find this insufficiently loud, you can adjust the volume boost in the application's settings.
  • Normalizing and boosting filters use dynamic compression with a non linear function to prevent clipping and minimize distortions. Note however that eventual clipping and distortion created by the iPhone's microphone are not suppressed. If you care about quality, use the headset's microphone instead of the built in one.
  • Records even when your iPhone is in sleep mode.
  • Uses widespread wav format to store recordings, so you can transfer and read them on any device.
  • Works with the second generation iPod Touch if you have an Apple headset with a microphone.